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Underage Drinking Tickets are Defensible 

Don't start your college career with a conviction or license suspension

Pennsylvania Law prohibits the consumption, possession, and transportation of alcoholic beverages by a person under the age of 21. The law requires specific facts that the individual charged was in fact in possession of, transporting, or consuming alcohol. Unfortunately, over zealous officers will charge a person for merely being in the presence of alcohol. Do not lose your license or plead guilty for an offense you didn't commit.

  • Can they prove your were in possession of alcohol? or were you merely present?
  • Can they prove that you consumed alcohol? Recent caselaw has changed the burden of the officer.
  • Did you have knowledge and control of the alcohol you're charged with?

You have the right to a trial on each issue in your case. Mere presence around alcohol is not enough to convict. Mere Odor of alcohol is not enough to convict.

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Underage Drinking Offenses in Bucks County and Philadelphia

Bucks County Criminal Defense Attorney

A conviction for underage drinking has serious consequences for anyone under the age of 21. There is a mandatory Driver License suspension for each conviction:

  • 90 days for a first offense
  • 1 year for a second offense
  • 2 years for a third and subsequent offenses

In addition to the mandatory license suspension, there are police records, court records, and mandatory classes which will have a serious impact on college admissions and a future career. In many instances. these cases are very defensible.