Never Plead Guilty to a Traffic Ticket

A Guilty Plea will cost you Points, Higher Insurance, and a Possible Suspension

The single biggest mistake you can make is to plead guilty and "mail in" your traffic ticket. Clients never realize the damage to their license and their life until they receive a Notice from PennDot affecting their license. With 15 years of experience, and knowing the local courts and local officers, almost any traffic ticket can be handled to reduce the impact on your license.

At the Law Offices of Niels C Eriksen Jr, our attorneys handle every type of traffic ticket, whether minor or major:

  • Driving Under Suspension (1543a)
  • Driving Under Suspension DUI related (1543b)
  • Speeding Tickets
  • Careless Driving
  • Reckless Driving (6 month suspension)
  • Red Light and Stop Sign Violations
  • School Bus Violations
  • Drag Racing on Highways
  • CDL Violations
  • Summary Appeals
  • Nunc Pro Tunc Appeals

There is almost always a defense to traffic tickets, and almost always a way to negotiate the impact on your life. Do Not plead guilty and have points placed on your license. Do Not ignore the traffic ticket you received. The Department of Transportation will suspend your license for merely ignoring or forgetting to respond to any traffic ticket. This suspension remains forever, until you respond.

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Bucks County Traffic Attorney

Your License is your Life

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has an aggressive Point system for each conviction of a traffic offense. Even a minor violation can have a lasting affect on your license. The accumulation of Points will lead to higher insurance costs, higher court costs, and even a possible suspension of your driver license.

Points are removed from your driving record at an extremely slow rate of 3 points for every 12 months without a violation. Your Driver License is your life. Protect your license, and protect your rights. Never plead guilty to a traffic ticket without consulting an experienced attorney.

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New Jersey Drivers and Out of State Drivers

Pennsylvania will Notify your State of any Traffic Conviction

If you are licensed in the State of New Jersey, or any State outside Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will notify the DMV in your state of your conviction. For New Jersey Licensed Drivers, the State of New Jersey will impose 2 points on your New Jersey License for any moving violation conviction which occurred in Pennsylvania. Call our firm immediately to discuss your options.

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