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An arrest never comes at a convenient time. At the Law Offices of Niels C Eriksen Jrour attorneys answer calls and texts on our emergency line, 24 hours a day. With over 15 years experience and an extensive Criminal Law Practice, our attorneys are prepared to aggressively represent you in a wide range of felonies and misdemeanors in the Courts of Pennsylvania.

Our Criminal Defense Practice

  • Drunk Driving (DUI): We represent clients at all stages of a Drunk Driving / DUI case. Our firm will do everything to preserve our clients Driver License and freedom. We know how to challenge the traffic stop, field sobriety tests, and the blood test results. Do NOT assume that you have to plead guilty.
  • Drug Crimes: Defending our clients against everything from Simple Possession cases, Marijuana cases to Possession with Intent to Deliver and Drug Manufacturing cases. Our firm will explore every possible search and seizure issue and all other available defenses.
  • Theft Crimes: Our firm handles all Theft related crimes, including Robbery, Burglary, Access Device Fraud, and Retail Theft. Do not let a Theft conviction affect your employment and career.
  • Violent Crimes: We have years of experience handling every type of Violent Crime from Murder, Attempted Murder, Gang related crime to Armed Robbery and Gun Offenses. Do not let an inexperienced lawyer handle these life altering cases.
  • Sex Crimes: Sex Crimes are by far the most devastating cases on our clients. The mere accusation is enough to ruin a lifetime reputation. Theses cases must be attacked early, even before the initial hearings. Critical evidence for your defense is gathered almost immediately. Do not hesitate. Get aggressive representation immediately, and fight back against your accuser.
  • Juvenile Crimes: We handle every type of Juvenile Criminal offense and every stage of the process, including detention hearings, adjudications, and juvenile placements.

Our Traffic Offense and Driver License Practice

  • Speeding Offenses: Speeding tickets have numerous defenses. Do not plead guilty. Hire an experienced lawyer and fight. Convictions will affect your license, your employment, and your insurance premiums.
  • Traffic Cases: Do NOT plead guilty to your traffic ticket. Do NOT ignore your traffic ticket. Pleading guilty or ignoring your traffic ticket will cause points and suspensions on your license. Protect your license, protect yourself from over zealous police enforcement. Hire an experienced attorney immediately.
  • Underage Drinking: In the past several years, there have been important cases making this offense more difficult for the Commonwealth to convict. Do not just plead guilty. You can lose your license for 90 days, 1 year, and even 2 years upon conviction. Protect your license, protect your employment. Call us immediately.
  • License Suspension: We fight to protect your license. We attack old convictions, we challenge new suspensions.
  • Driver License Restoration: Your license is your livelihood. Fight to have it restored from suspension. Many tickets can be challenged and amended. Your license can be cleared. Call us for a free consultation.
  • Summary Appeals: Not satisfied with the decision of the local court? Our firm can appeal your conviction and relitigate your case in the Court of Common Pleas. Do not accept your unrepresented negotiations with the Officer. Call us immediately to protect your license and your case.
  • Tips to Restore Your License: Check out our 10 tips to restore and maintain your Pennsylvania Driver's License

Our Post Conviction Practice

  • Post Sentence Motions: We attack the sentence and the trial from the moment of conviction. Aggressive representation does not end at the sentence. Often, the post sentence process provides great opportunities to lower the impact of any conviction. We also represent client in Direct Appeals and PCRA matters.
  • Probation and Parole Violations: In most cases, it's not the original offense and sentence that causes incarceration. The parole and probation violation has the greater likelihood of jail. Do NOT accept your probation officer's recommendation without consulting an attorney. We also fight for your release at Parole Denial Hearings
  • Expungement of Records: This has become one of the most important areas of our practice.

Our General Practice