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Charged with Drug Dealing or Intent to Deliver?

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If you have been accused of a drug crime, prescription drug crime, drug dealing, or possession with the intent to deliver a controlled substance, call the Law Offices of Niels C. Eriksen Jr, for help. Open during weekly business hours, we respond to calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our firm also makes jail visits and immediate bail hearings.

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Strong Defense Against Drug Dealing Accusations

We use our Experience to Achieve your Results

With the help of our team of investigators and other Drug Experts, the Law Offices of Niels C Eriksen Jr, builds a powerful defense on behalf of those charged in a variety of Drug Dealing and Drug Delivery Cases:

  • Drug cases involving Confidential Informants
  • Drug cases involving search warrants
  • Allegations of Hand to Hand sales
  • Marijuana growing operations
  • Drug Delivery involving vehicles
  • Traffic Stops involving large quantities of narcotics

We attack every angle of your drug charges from the reliability of confidential informants to the weight and lab analysis of the drugs charged. We use a variety of advanced techniques including Bail Hearings, Suppression Hearings, Carroll Hearings, and Mandatory Diversion programs to fight your case. Our firm has 15 years defending Drug Dealing Cases in State and Federal Courts, and our results speak for themselves.

Defending Drug Forfeiture

Fighting to Recover your Money and Property Seized Illegally

In addition to facing the possibility of felony convictions and mandatory sentences, Pennsylvania Law permits Law Enforcement to seize and forfeit money, cars, houses, and other property you own which is alleged to have been used in connection with a drug crime. Our firms fights for the return of your property from over zealous prosecutors looking to confiscate your property. Often, the true owner of the property may have no knowledge that their property was used in a drug crime. We fight for those innocent owners and immediately file a Return of Property Motion to get your property back.

If your money, car, house, or other property has been wrongfully seized and the prosecutor is attempting to forfeit, Call our firm immediately to get your property back (215) 750-8010

Bucks County Drug Dealing Defense

Defending Clients charged with Delivery, PWID, and Manufacturing of Drugs

Drug Delivery, Possession with the Intent to Deliver, and Drug Manufacturing cases are serious Felonies, meaning that these are high-stake cases that demand the attention of an experienced and skilled criminal defense lawyer.

At the Law Offices of Niels C Eriksen Jr, our firm has defended those accused of Pennsylvania Drug Crimes and Drug Delivering Crimes for over 15 years. We are aggressive in protecting our client's rights and freedoms against the power of the State and Federal prosecutors. Drug Dealing cases can be highly visible in the media as well, so part of our service involves dealing with the media on your behalf whenever necessary. This is part of what makes us a truly full-service criminal defense firm.