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PennDot License Programs

Still Can't Get your License Back? PennDot has many hardship programs

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has a number of different types of restoration programs. You may qualify for an Occupational Limited License or Probationary License based upon your situation. It's another possible avenue toward getting your full driving privileges restored. Call us today to see if you qualify.

Please Visit Our Useful Resource Page for PennDot Forms and Applications

How Do I Get My License Back?

Our firm is your Guide through the Driver License Restoration Process

Our firm has been helping people find their way through the restoration process, traffic courts, and criminal justice system for 15 years. We can help you get your Driver License restored. When you work with our firm, you will get an accurate picture of your license status and what can be done to have your license returned to you, including:

  • Why your Driver license was suspended
  • Whether you have outstanding or unpaid traffic tickets
  • How many traffic violations appear on your Driving Record
  • How long are the suspensions are for each violation
  • Which violations can be attacked and re-opened in court
  • How much time you have remaining on your suspension

The Law Offices of Niels C Eriksen will do a complete and thorough review of your Driving Record, help you obtain your Driving record from PennDot, and discuss during our initial consultation what options are available.

15 Years Experience in Restoring Driver Licenses

Our firm will help you clear any outstanding and open traffic tickets, attack and reopen prior convictons for traffic offenses, fight in court to reduce any open traffic offenses, and give you clear instructions on how and where to make payments and fines necessary to restore your license.

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Bucks County and Philadelphia Suspended Driver License Lawyer

Protecting your Pennsylvania Driver License

Every year, thousands of people in Pennsylvania lose their driving privileges due to a drunk driving offense, traffic tickets, unpaid tickets and fines, or from being caught driving with a suspended or revoked license.

Sometimes people who lost their license years ago, have no idea how, or why, or for how long their Driver license is suspended. But now, their lives have changed and they have jobs, careers, and family commitments that make driving essential to their life. If you'd like to get your license restored, Contact us today!