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Attorney Niels C Eriksen Jr: Pennsylvania 801 Death Penalty Qualified Attorney

Bucks County Murder Gun Homicide Shooting

Pennsylvania Law requires that all attorneys be properly licensed and qualified to handle the highly specialized area of Death Penalty Murder cases.

As of November 2004, Pennsylvania Rule of Criminal Procedure 801 mandates that an attorney must be licensed to practice for 5 years, have handled a minimum of 8 significant cases to jury verdict, and maintain 18 hours of specialized education training in the area of Death Penalty and Capital case law; in order to handle Capital cases eligible for the Death Penalty.

Attorney Niels C Eriksen Jr has been practicing Criminal Defense for over 23 years, and remains among only a handful of Bucks County Lawyers with an 801 Qualification. Attorney Niels C Eriksen Jr has handled over a dozen Homicide and Murder cases in the past 10 years, including receiving a Life Verdict in August 2017, and again in November 2019. 

Attorney Niels C Eriksen Jr has represented some of the most high profile and infamous Death Penalty Murder cases in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania over the past half decade. 

Most criminal cases never rise to the level of Capital Murder, but hiring an attorney who is capable of, and regularly  handles the worst cases of the worst cases provides the experience and aggressive representation for necessary for the best results in even the most minor of cases.

Do not rely on inexperienced attorneys who do not know the system, or are unable to answer your questions.

Put an aggressive and experienced attorney on your side.

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